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The annual coral monitoring session also includes buoy, inspection, maintenance, and replacement. The following photos present an overview of the buoy installation and maintenance process..

Preparing Buoys for Deployment

Splicing the Downline

Buoy with Knot Protectors Which Lessen Downline Chafing

Hydraulic Pump Used to Power Underwater Drill

Hydraulic Hose

Underwater Drill

Cement Injector Parts

Injector Assembled

Permanent Buoy Pin

Polypropylene Downline

Transporting Buoys to the Boats

Preparing to Drill

Drilling into the Selected Coral Head

Removing Coral Core

Bringing Down Cement

Injecting Cement into Drill Hole

Setting the Buoy Pin

Installing the Line

Adjusting Line Float

Line Installed

Regrowth at Pin Site

Line Float in Place

Installing Line Weight

Preparing Site Marker

Site Marker In Place

New Buoy with Site Marker on Surface

Leaving the Site

Buoy in Use by Fishermen

You can learn more about the use of mooring buoys by visiting the following sites:

Click the following link to learn how mooring buoys are being used in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Click the following link to learn how mooring buoys are being used to protect reefs in Hawaii

Click here to learn about John Halas, the designer of one of the most commonly used mooring buoy systems and those used on the island of Kosrae.

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