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During 1995, members of the recreational diving community and representatives of the Kosraean State addressed the possibility of installing a system of mooring buoys in anticipation of increased diving and fishing pressure on the reefs. In early 1996, three individuals on Kosrae were trained by Environmental Moorings International (Florida) in the use of drilling equipment and in buoy installation procedures. Sample buoy systems were obtained at that time for training purposes.

During August of 1996, a team of eight divers from the United States volunteered their time in support of the Mooring Buoy Project. In cooperation with local dive operators and the Kosrae Department of Marine Resources, this team helped lay the groundwork for buoy installation by developing and testing a site survey and resource inventory methodology. Using video and still photography and a survey protocol based on methods developed by the South Pacific Commission, the dive team documented initial sites and established procedures to facilitate follow-on buoy installation and monitoring.

During late 1996, a grant was received from the Hawaii Sea Grant program which enabled the purchase of 53 Halas type buoys, anchors, and installation supplies. In 1997, an additional grant was secured from the Australian Embassy to Kosrae which enabled the purchase of a hydraulic drilling system to support installation of the buoys. In that same year, over 50 buoy sites were drilled and installed. In addition to the installation of the buoys, an education campaign, including maps, pamphlets, radio time, and community events has been prepared to make the Kosraeans aware of and appreciate the benefits of the buoys.

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